Welcome to the website belonging to Darrin Drader, fantasy and science fiction author, and roleplaying game designer.

This site is back from a long absence that was brought on by the usual list of reasons most authors face periodically; but hey, we’re not here to dwell on the setbacks we’ve faced in the past. No, we’re here to talk about issues that are important to me, including what I might think about industry and (oh no!) political topics. We’re also here to talk about my work, where you can find it, and I might even be giving some material away for free.

Over time, you’ll see material posted primarily for two IPs I own (for those not in the know, IP stands for Intellectual Property, or the fictional universes I have created): Reign of Discordia, a science fiction setting I created, and Winter’s Stone, a fantasy world I am slowly building. Reign of Discordia is a far-reaching setting whose classic space opera tendrils are steadily creeping into tabletop roleplaying games, fiction, and even video games. Winter’s Stone, on the other hand, is my own personal 5E D20 world where I set the games I run. I expect it to grow organically over time as I post the material I create.

So welcome back, feel free to take a look around, and feel free to leave comments on what you find.

~ Darrin Drader (4-12-2017)