Back in 2008, myself, in conjunction with Reality Deviant Publications (now known as Gun Metal Games), launched a new science fiction space opera setting called Reign of Discordia, which at the time was exclusively for the True20 system. This was a new product line (in fact, the first product line overseen by me as an IP creator), and it would eventually feature a core book, two adventures, two sourcebooks, and later, a port to the Traveller system, which adapted it to those rules and expanded the setting content. All in all, it did OK. I’m not going to sugar coat things and say that it was wildly successful commercially, after all, it was launched the same weekend D&D 4th edition was released, and frankly, that just wasn’t the best time for a new roleplaying product line to make a big splash if it didn’t happen to be D&D. It did, however, get some excellent reviews, and it sort of acquired a bit of a cult following. Reign of Discordia also received widespread distribution in 2010 due to its inclusion of the Haiti Relief Bundle, which was a very large collection of RPGs put together into a low-priced package to raise money for Doctors Without Borders as they were helping the victims of the massive earthquake in Haiti (a Google search tells me that 220,000 Haitians were killed and over 300,000 were injured).
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