Reign of Discordia

Five years. … It had been five years since the Imperium transports delivering food and supplies stopped coming to Yseth. What was once considered the most successful colony world in the Frontier systems with over a billion people was now little more than the galactic ghetto. While the planet struggled to increase the production of its agrofarms so that it might support the population of the planet, starvation took its toll on the people. Kabe looked back at his family’s small house for the last time, as he boarded the freighter that would bring him back to the core worlds. He might have to take a job he disliked at first, but at least he would be able to find food now. Hopefully…


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The Stellar Imperium has fallen. No sooner had the triumphant cheers died down on hundreds of worlds than the harsh realities of their desperate new situation became clear. Their cold, lizard-like enemy, the R’Tillek, may have played a significant role in the fall of the Stellar Imperium, but the collapse did not stop their campaign of aggression against the former member-worlds. Initially there was hope, as the leaders of the minor rebellions assumed that some new and better form of government would step in to fill the vacuum. At the very least, they thought the various alien races would align along species lines. They were wrong. Instead, the exact opposite occurred as most worlds opted to embrace their own local governments rather than take the chance of having one imposed upon them again.

During the reign of the Stellar Imperium, technology had been freely shared between the races. Most races focused on manufacturing and developing the technologies that most suited them. This resulted in many key technological industries centering on the few worlds that specialized in them. As a result, the prices of many items skyrocketed as soon as the Imperium fell, because the knowledge for producing them did not exist on the many worlds where they were needed. Now there are many who seek to obtain the schematics and technical knowledge behind these proprietary technologies from those who jealously guard them, hoping to produce their own versions at a cut-rate, thus reducing their dependence upon other worlds. In addition, the governments of the many systems did not follow the expected trends towards capitalistic democracies. In some cases the liberated worlds adopted Democratic or Socialist governments so they could take care of the needs of the people. However, many of the local leaders who led their people against the Stellar Imperium were not interested in handing over their new-found power, instead claiming these worlds for themselves, setting up petty dictatorships.

As interstellar trade struggles to reach some sort of sustainable equilibrium, many wonder what became of the riches accumulated by the Stellar Imperium. Gone are the enormous warships that once patrolled the member worlds. Much of the military hardware that was once commonplace has been destroyed and the replacement equipment that has found its way to the open market is rapidly produced and of inferior quality.

The former Imperium’s Core worlds now lie in ruins, completely uninhabited because of the horrific weapons the R’Tillek used against them. Scavengers and adventurers now frequent these worlds, hoping to find technology that will fetch a high price on the market. Still others search the vast systems marked as empty on all the star charts in hopes of finding partially completed, mothballed, or salvageable ships at one of the fabled secret shipyards of the Imperium. Such ships would surely be built to the superior specifications of the Stellar Imperium, and therefore be superior to the currently produced models, both in terms of performance and the price they would fetch from the right buyers.

In this new era of decay, many have become frustrated with the crumbling infrastructure of the settled worlds, and have instead left for the Frontier Worlds. The planets in this sector of space were newly discovered during the final days of the Stellar Imperium and some of them are home to small upstart colonies. Many consider these worlds unspoiled places of opportunity, where they can forge their own way and survive the instability of the current age.

Welcome to the age known as The Reign of Discordia.

Reign of Discordia Resources

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Savage Worlds Conversion

Recently, Marcus Bone completed his port of Reign of Discordia to the Savage orlds rules. You can download the accompanying document here.

Reign of Discordia was written by Darrin Drader, with contributions by Marcus Bone, Andrew Bacon, and Clinton J. Boomer, Charles Rice.

Copyright 2017, Darrin Drader, and may not be reproduced without permission.