Relarra Systems

As aquatic beings, the Relarra would have preferred to settle worlds that were mostly ocean so that they could live in their native habitat; however their capitalist tendencies and their ability to create comfortable, functional, and durable environmental suits have made it possible to colonize worlds where they could not otherwise survive. The world of Illamod, in particular, is so hostile that simply not being incinerated there is a testament to Relarran innovation.

During the later days of the Stellar Imperium, the Relarra were one of the first races to rebel. They had, therefore, prepared for the sudden lack of support that would be inevitable once they regained their independence. While some worlds throughout the former Imperium are finding planetary protection difficult, the Relarrans have managed to keep a number of warships in mothballs and, more importantly, out of the civil war against the Stellar Imperium. As a result of their prudence, the Relarrans had resources in reserve that they could use after the fighting had ended and they had to fend for themselves.

The Relarran worlds are non-aligned, though they have made a point to avoid hostility with one another. This agreement leaves them on better footing should some other alien race decide to test their defenses, and it also leaves the door open to possible multi-system alliances, should the need arise. Despite this, they compete against each other economically to a greater degree than the other races.



Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Earth normal
Equatorial Circumference: 24,335 kilometers
Planetary Diameter: 7,746 kilometers
Major Industry: Colony
Government Type: Democracy
Population: 5,000,500
Rotation: 30 hours
Orbit: Approximately .5 Earth years

Slightly cooler than their home planet of Relar, Etajur is a terrestrial planet that, much like their homeworld, is mostly covered in water. Three small continents exist on the planet, upon which some resources are mined, but the majority of the Relarrans live in one of two major cities on the ocean floor. Having claimed independence from their home world of Relar three years ago, the inhabitants of Etajur are notoriously independent and are borderline hostile towards visitors from other worlds.

The Etajur government serves three primary roles: commanding the planetary defense forces, administrating trade — both domestically and abroad — and maintaining a courts system to resolve trade disputes. While these are fairly common functions of most governments, it is notable that Etajur lacks a criminal punishment system. Relarra are reasonably peaceful, but crimes against other Relarra are handled as though they were property disputes. A Relarra who kills another Relarra might be forced to give all of her possessions to the victim’s family, or she might be forced to serve that family as a slave. Property crimes are resolved by surrendering an appropriate number of credits or items to the victims. Perpetrators who are unable to pay for damages are usually forced to work off their debt.


Planet Type: Gas giant
Color: Solid orange
Equatorial Circumference: 551,732 kilometers
Planetary Diameter: 175,621 kilometers
Major Industry: Gas mining
Government Type: Anarchy
Population: 500,400
Rotation: 22 hours
Orbit: Approximately .5 Earth year

Almost a brown dwarf star in its own right, Illamod is what’s known as a “Hot Jupiter;” a massive gas giant that orbits its star so close that its clouds glow a deep red color and radiate heat. All gas-processing platforms on this planet must be heat-shielded. Workers rarely leave the confines of their living space, instead the platform employs a small army of worker robots to tend to the maintenance work outside Illamod is run by a clan of Relarra called the Ixtlinnin, which originally came to this system as workers. When an industrial accident took the lives of the original command crew, the Ixtlinnin assumed control until the Stellar Imperium could send replacements. Civil war broke out within the Imperium and the Relarran war occupied so many resources that this processing platform was overlooked. Years later, when the Imperium lost control of the Relarran worlds, the family announced that they were the permanent government. Most Relarrans appreciate the work they do, though the truth of the matter is that they do little in terms of administration aside from helping themselves to a large percentage of the profits. Workers and civilians onboard the platform enjoy a condition of lawlessness that would frighten many species, but it is a natural and mostly peaceful existence for the Relarrans.


Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Cold and arid
Equatorial Circumference: 19,642 kilometers
Planetary Diameter: 6,252 kilometers
Major Industry: Precious metals/minerals
Government Type: Socialist
Population: 50,020,000
Rotation: 24 hours
Orbit: Approximately .5 Earth years

Pramillo is an uninviting place for Relarrans, who are forced to work in environmental suits in most locations. Because it is far richer in iron and other valuable metals than any other world in their sphere, it is worth the inconvenience and discomfort to populate this world. This planet maintains its own population and government, much like most colony worlds. However, because its primary purpose was originally trade, Pramillo maintains good relations with the other Relarran worlds, sometimes sacrificing its own best interest to do so by offering extremely good rates on the resources they produce. The socialist government ensures that all inhabitants are provided for so that they can maintain a productive, if complacent, work force.


Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Warm and humid
Equatorial Circumference: 24,940 kilometers
Planetary Diameter: 7,939 kilometers
Major Industry: Colony
Government Type: Democracy
Population: 6,448,805,000
Rotation: 18 hours
Orbit: Approximately 3 Earth years

Aside from a few small islands, the vast majority of the Relarran’s homeworld is a vast ocean. Because of the warm climate and the endless sea full of mostly unintelligent life, this is a popular vacation planet for those seeking rest, waterborne activities and sport fishing. The Relarrans issue fishing permits, allow no dumping of waste into their oceans, and randomly inspect the catches from the visitors to ensure no poaching of off-limits species fish has taken place. The Relarrans live on the ocean floor in great coral homes. Their settlements are typically found in the more shallow waters, although there are some subspecies that make their home in deeper waters. Subspecies of Relarrans are similar in terms of physical and mental capabilities, though their carapaces sport different shades, sometimes including brightly colored patterns.

Five water-filled space stations orbit Relar and act as planetary defense, starship docking, and trade centers. Guests belonging to other species who visit these stations may request air or methane atmospheres in their quarters for an additional charge when staying here. Guests are actively encouraged to keep an emergency breather with them at all times, but despite these warnings, several deaths occur annually when guests accidentally wander into a water-filled habitat and are not able to escape in time.

Relar’s government is a representative democracy, where several clusters of underwater cities elect representatives who meet regularly in a famous underwater structure called the Vron Hittesh. The exterior of this massive structure takes the shape of a seashell, with one enormous tower sprouting from the center, which breaks the ocean’s surface and provides the main council chambers with a view of the sky above.