Technology and Equipment

The following equipment is commonly found in the Reign of Discordia setting.


Ranged Weapons

Ranged energy weapons are the most commonly used weapons in the Reign of Discordia campaign setting.


Blasters come in a variety of sizes and shoot bursts of charged particles at the target. They come with a rechargeable battery that can fire 50 rounds, as well as a recharger that can be plugged into any standard power source.

Heavy Blaster

Heavy blasters are nearly identical to ordinary blasters except that they are slightly larger, heavier, and deal more damage than their standard counterparts.


Lasers fire a beam of highly focused beam of light that causes severe burns to targeted creatures and objects. They are less powerful than blasters, but more
affordable. They come with a rechargeable battery that can fire 40 rounds, as well as a recharger that can be plugged into any standard power source.

Plasma Rifle

Plasma rifles are the most powerful energy weapons ever produced for personal combat. They are large and unwieldy even for strong characters, but they deal an exceptional amount of damage. They come with a dedicated backpack that holds a containment device that keeps the special ammunition it uses in a plasma state while protecting the character wielding it. Most characters who have managed to obtain one of these weapons are selective about shooting it since it costs 150 credits every time they pull the trigger.

Pulse Blaster

Like the standard blaster, the Pulse Blaster fires a burst of charged particles at the target. It must be mounted on a tripod, and it only operates in autofire mode. It is capable of firing for 10 rounds before the rechargeable battery must be replaced.

Sniper Blaster

The sniper blaster is effectively the same the same as a blaster rifle (TL 12) except that it does more damage at range.

Sonic Pistol

The sonic pistol fires a pulse of destructive sound at the target. The character wielding this weapon may either deal lethal or non-lethal damage.

Rail Gun

A rail gun is a slug-throwing device that uses magnetized rails to propel ammunition faster than what would be possible with chemical propulsion only. Specialty ammunition is available for rail guns that add different effects.

Zip Gun

Zip guns are primitive firearms that are jury rigged from a metal tube that acts like a barrel, and a makeshift firing mechanism. It uses rocks or debris as the projectile. When fired, the black powder behind the projectile is ignited, forcing the projectile out of the barrel. These are dangerous and unpredictable devices. If the attacker is extremely unlucky, the zip gun may explode, causing damage to the wielder.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapon use is a dying art in the Reign of Discordia setting, although there are still a few holdouts who prefer taking down their opponents personally and artfully rather than at a distance. All melee weapons from the core Traveller rules are available, though the more technologically advanced versions found here are more common.

Stun Baton

The stun baton is a long heavy rod that emits a pulse of energy when it strikes a target, stunning them. A struck character takes normal lethal damage. Struck characters must make a save or be knocked unconscious.

Vibro Blade

This blade is approximately twenty centimeters long and is made of a durable metal alloy. Microscopic machines cause the blade to vibrate at high speeds, giving the blade extra cutting power.

Vibro Sword

This sword is made of a durable metal alloy. Microscopic machines cause the blade to vibrate at high speeds, giving the blade extra cutting power.

Concussion Rod

This mace-like weapon has a miniature artificial gravity generator embedded in its alloy head, which increases in mass at the instant of impact.

Pain Gauntlet

This metal-plated glove has energy coursing through it. While the wearer is protected, it is designed to cause extreme pain to the victim, stunning them. A struck character takes normal lethal damage. In addition to this, he must make a save or be knocked unconscious.


All of the explosives listed in your favorite science fiction rules are still in use in this setting, as well as a few higher tech versions.

Anti-Gluon Pulse Grenade

The anti-gluon pulse grenade (commonly referred to as the AGP grenade) frees a given area of the subatomic particles known as gluons, which has the effect of disintegrating everything within its affected area. Characters that are affected but not slain are assumed to lose an arm or a leg.

Plasma Grenade

The plasma grenade fills an area with superheated plasma gas, which causes severe burns to anyone caught inside its area of effect as well as setting fire to
flammable objects.

Plastic Explosives

Commonly employed in the field, plastic explosives can be worked into different shapes. The damage listed is for a 1-lb. block. The different values listed vary by tech level, starting at 7, then 9, then 11 and up. Each doubling of the amount of explosive increases damage.


Flight Suit And Helmet

The flight suit and helmet combination worn by combat pilots doubles as body armor that protects grounded pilots. The flight suit contains pouches lined with strong synthetic fibers on the chest, back, arms, legs, and abdomen, into which armor plates are inserted. The helmet protects the head.

Land Warrior Armor

The primary benefits of Land Warrior armor are found in its communications and sensor gear; every suit of Land Warrior armor has a built-in computer that is capable of sending and receiving text and image transmissions (via a display built into the armor), including images captured from the scope of a linked sniper rifle. Additionally, the display can be linked to the scopes on those weapons to provide real-time representations of what the scope can see, allowing  the wearer to fire around corners with ease. In addition to the communications and data equipment, the armor functions as standard infantry battle armor complete with projectile-resistant protective plating. The armor allows for instantaneous transmission of coordinates and targeting information, allowing teams of Land Warrior-capable soldiers to communicate and coordinate with ease and efficiency.

Light Combat Armor

Light combat armor provides less protection than heavier types, but also allows increased mobility. Most light combat armors consist of a reinforced blast vest, shoulder and upper arm pads, thigh and abdomen pads, and kneepads. Some light combat armors also include helmets and visors, though not all incorporate this aspect of the armor.

Scout Armor

Scout armor is similar in many ways to light combat armor, but with a few notable exceptions. Scout armor is painted with camouflage patterns: woodland,  desert, winter (primarily white), urban (gray patterned), and black are available. When worn in an appropriate setting, the armor adds tp Stealth checks. Additionally, scout armor lacks the kneepads and legwear of the light combat armor, increasing mobility but decreasing protection to the lower body. Scout armor more often incorporates survival equipment as fits the terrain for which it is designed.

Silent Suit

The silent suit uses cutting-edge sonic dampening technology to increase the stealth of the user. Silent suits resemble form-fitting bodysuits with padding on the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Sonic dampening field generators are built into the suit, reducing to a minimum the noise made by movement. A character wearing a silent suit gains  bonus on all Stealth checks.

Space Combat Armor

Space combat armor consists of heavy body armor with an environmental seal and built-in communications gear. Like traditional Battle Dress, this is a type of powered armor that uses servomotors, increasing the wearer’s Strength and Dexterity by +4. It is designed to protect the wearer from severe damage while fighting in a zero-G space environment, though it is barely able to move when in the presence of gravity greater than .5 G. Space combat armor boasts a jetpack specifically designed to function in space, allowing the user to maneuver in zero-G conditions. Space combat armor can be difficult and unwieldy, but makes even individual soldiers a threat in ship-to-ship combat.

Survival Suit

The survival suit is the natural evolution of wilderness survival gear popularized on Earth several hundred years ago. Thanks to the continued miniaturization of technology, along with advancements in chemical engineering, the survival suit allows its wearer to function for days or even weeks without a source of water or rations. The basic premise of the survival suit is that in order to continue living in harsh environments, the Human body must conserve and recycle resources. As a result, the survival suit, which looks much like a modern-day wetsuit covered with matte-black pads, is able to control the intake and waste of the human body in an efficient manner.

Water is stored in small pouches all over the survival suit and can be drawn through a small tube that protrudes from the collar; the suit recycles sweat and urine (which it chemically purifies) and then refills those pouches as needed. The outside of the survival suit bears a number of partially reflective black pads, which absorb solar energy and heat and store that energy in tiny heat cells throughout the suit. If the temperature begins to drop, these heat cells can release energy and sustain a comfortable temperature for the human body for up to 8 hours without needing to recharge. If these cells are empty, the suit also has chemical pouches that can be activated one time for another 8 hours of heat. A tiny intravenous feeding system provides nourishment when rations and food run out for up to six days. Tiny fans and vents built into the suit cool the body in temperatures of extreme heat without losing any body moisture.

Personal Equipment

The following items are commonly used by characters in the Reign of Discordia setting.


Also known as “mechanical gills,” the aquaconverter is a simple device that takes in water, separates its molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, and then feeds the oxygen into a breather tube and the hydrogen into power-generating mechanisms. Worn as a backpack with a breather tube placed in the mouth, the aquaconverter is a limitless and self-powering way to breathe safely underwater.

Chemical, Antitox

A chemical found in many first aid kits, antitox is a special hypodermic injection that can be used to save the life of any character infected with a poison. Each antitox injector contains a specialized analyzer linked to chemical generators. When the needle penetrates the skin of the target, it samples the target’s blood and sends the data back to the analyzer, which determines the nature of the poison and generates an antidote from stored chemical compounds. Once the antitox delivers its specially formulated chemicals, the target character is completely cured of the poison and its effects in a short time.

Chemical, Biocort

Biocort is a unique chemical compound that enhances the Human body’s natural ability to heal. Biocort pushes the immune system into overdrive, and can cause the character to heal from grievous wounds at a greatly increased rate. A biocort injection acts as natural healing except that it takes place twice daily.

Chemical, Boost

A drug that is both beneficial and highly dangerous, boost functions as a temporary adrenaline-enhancer. Boost was originally conceived for military purposes in an attempt to make the soldiers stronger, faster, and more combat-capable. A single injection of boost grants the character a bonus to Strength and Dexterity, and increases the character’s movement speed slightly. These effects last for 10 rounds.

Unfortunately, the side effects of boost almost outweigh the benefits. For one, the chemical is addictive and can alter the perceptions of a character so that she thinks she cannot live without a dose of the drug. Additionally, repeated use of boost has debilitating effects on the body’s immune and nervous systems.

A character risks addiction each she uses a dose of boost. An unlucky role indicates that the character has become addicted. At that point she begins to suffer a  penalty to her Dexterity and Strength when not affected by the drug. Once addicted, the character remains addicted for 1d6 days after she takes the last dose.

If the character uses the drug again while addicted, the penalties disappear during the duration of the drug’s effect, but they increase by 1 and the recovery time extends for an additional 24 hours after it has worn off. For example, if a character uses another dose of boost while still under the effect of the penalties, the character suffers a penalty to Strength and Dexterity, and the addiction time increases from 24 to 48 hours.

Chemical, Neutrad

A chemical found in many first aid kits, neutrad is a special hypodermic injection that can be used to neutralize the effects of radiation poisoning. Each neutrad injector contains a specialized analyzer linked to chemical generators. When the needle penetrates the skin of the target, it samples the target’s blood and sends the data back to the analyzer, which determines the nature of the radiation sickness and generates an antidote from stored chemical compounds. Once the neutrad delivers its specially formulated chemicals, the target character reduces his current rad count.

Chemical, Sporekill

A chemical found in many first aid kits, sporekill is a special hypodermic injection that can be used to neutralize the effects of most diseases. Each sporekill injector contains a specialized analyzer linked to chemical generators. When the needle penetrates the skin of the target, it samples the target’s blood and sends the data back to the analyzer, which determines the nature of the disease and generates an antidote from stored chemical compounds. Once the sporekill delivers its specially formulated chemicals, the target character is completely cured of the disease and its effects in 2d6 hours. Some exotic and genetically engineered diseases circumvent sporekill chemical, and are unaffected by it.

Disguise Kit, Morphic

Most people forced to work undercover for extended periods rely on the morphic disguise kit. The kit features a pair of contact lenses that change color, a hair prosthetic that changes color, length, and texture, a paint-on LCD injector for instant tattoos that transform, and a vocal encoder (vocoder) that is attached to the throat to alter the user’s voice. Each component can be altered on command. The morphic disguise kit grants a bonus on all Deception checks while in use.

Display Contacts

Display contacts are part of the continuing miniaturization of computers. These contact lenses fit perfectly over the eye and project a semitransparent image that appears to be roughly one meter from the user and comparable to a 140 cm monitor. This can be used to show the character any computer display it is linked to, and is also frequently implemented into the heads-up display device (using the multiple use item gadget) to provide real-time data on objects and people in the character’s field of vision.

Medkit, Advanced

The advanced medkit functions as a combined first aid kit, medical kit, and surgery kit. It also grants its user an additional 2 points of natural healing per 24 hours.

Medkit, Fast-Use

The fast-use medkit functions as both a first aid kit and a medical kit. In addition, specialized computers and sensors prepare exactly what is needed to restore a character to health as well as treat a disease, stabilize a dying character, or revive a dazed, stunned, or unconscious character. In addition to the effects of an advanced medkit, the fast-use medkit restores some health immediately. This can only be used once every 24 hours; additional uses cause no additional benefit to the character.


Flash-seal looks like a block of metal roughly the size of a thin brick. It attaches to any doorframe. When activated, chemical compounds inside the block of metal burn fast and hot enough to melt the metal into a liquid form. Almost instantaneously, a second chemical compound freezes the molten metal back into its solid state. The result is that the metal melts, sinks into the space between the door and its frame, and then solidifies again, essentially welding the door shut. A door that has been flash-sealed may not be opened by normal means and must be destroyed or cut through as though it were a wall.

GalPos Device

The GalPos device is the equivalent of the GPS system of the 21st century. Equipped with star charts and a link to the galactic satellite network, the GalPos device (known also as a GPD) triangulates its own position based on distance between satellite relays and its knowledge of stellar cartography. If the GalPos is taken to a region of space where it cannot contact the galactic satellite network, or to a region of space not included in its star charts, it does not function. Otherwise, the GPD can be used to indicate what planet the character is on, or what star system she is in (if not on a planet). A GalPos device with the satellite uplink gadget can function as a GPS receiver on worlds where such systems are available.

Grappling Tether

The grappling tether is another application of gravity technology put to practical use. The grappling tether is a beam of pure gravity energy, up to 75 meters in length, fired from a metal tube. At the end of the tether is an anchor of intense gravity. When the anchor touches a solid object, it latches on with a grip that can only be broken by an equally strong anti-gravity force. While the tube is held with the anchor attached to an object, the user can retract the tether to either pull the object to her (if the object is smaller in mass than the character), or pull herself to the object (if the object is greater in mass than the user, or the anchor is attached to a wall, ceiling, or other fixed surface). The anchor is released with a simple push of a button.


Though not technically an actual set of lock picks, intellipicks are a cluster of several tiny machines (though not quite small enough to be called nanites) that can pick almost any lock and open almost any door. Intellipicks come in a small box that, when placed on the lock to be opened, releases the minuscule robots to do their work. Once the intellipicks penetrate the lock, they move tumblers and shift bolts in an efficient and rapid manner, opening the lock in way that no person could. Intellipicks cannot open electronic or computerized locks, though they can open magnetic locks by generating a magnetic field of opposite polarity.


A jetpack consists of a backpack and fuel cells capable of producing powered flight for up to 2 hours. A character equipped with a jetpack can fly at a speed of 20 meters per round. Replacement fuel cells cost 300 credits.

Neural Scrambler

The neural scrambler is a restraint device used by many law enforcement agencies in the place of physical restraints such as handcuffs. The neural scrambler consists of a six-pronged device that, when placed over the head, interrupts brainwave activity. A character wearing a neural scrambler may not take any actions whatsoever, though she moves her normal speed under the command of another individual. When the neural scrambler is removed, the character has no knowledge of events that took place while she was restrained.

Piercing Visor

The piercing visor allows a person to see through solid objects. Through a combination of motion-sensor data, gravity fluctuations, ambient light penetration, X-rays and ultraviolet light, heat and infrared signatures, sound waves and sonar, and other sensory inputs, the visor creates an accurate computer-rendered image of what lies beyond intervening objects. Any character wearing a piercing visor may, as a significant action, activate the visor’s sensors and see through a wall, floor, object, or creature at a range of up to 30 meters. The visor can penetrate 15 centimeters of metal (except lead, which it cannot see through) and 30 centimeters of other materials, including concrete, wood, and plaster.

Plastic Surgery Kit, Personal

The personal plastic surgery kit is fashionable with society’s elite—and its criminal underworld. Consisting of a mask that fits neatly over any Human face, the personal plastic surgery kit is a one-use item that completely and permanently changes a character’s facial appearance.

The personal plastic surgery kit is first linked to a special imaging computer that programs the kit with the desired outcome. The kit is then placed on the face and activated. The kit sedates the person using it and then proceeds to alter his face according to the specifications, and can even go so far as to permanently alter eye and hair color. Using the kit takes one hour, during which the character is unconscious.

Power Backpack

The power backpack is essentially a portable generator. While worn, the power backpack can replace the power packs used by laser and plasma weapons, granting an infinite supply of ammunition while attached. Additionally, the power backpack can provide energy to almost any device requiring electrical power.

Projectile Deflector

A defensive item that is in many ways the predecessor to the personal shield, the projectile deflector generates a field of gravity-altering energy around its user. Often worn as a belt or other piece of jewelry, the device actually bends the path of incoming highspeed projectiles, making the target harder to hit. The projectile deflector grants a penalty to ranged attacks against the character who wears it. Melee attacks are unaffected by this device.

Sensor, Armacomp

The armacomp sensor is a hand-held computer or computerized gauntlet designed to detect and locate weapons of all types. It grants a bonus on Investigate checks when searching for weapons. Additionally, the armacomp sensor’s advanced data on weapons of all types makes it a valuable resource when repairing weapons, granting a bonus to all Engineering or Mechanic checks made on weapons. This does not include explosives and other demolitions devices, which are covered under the democomp sensor.

Sensor, Chemicomp

The chemicomp sensor computer is a handheld computer or computerized gauntlet designed to find individual chemical compounds. Chemicomps can locate a specific chemical, providing a bonus to Investigate checks when attempting to find chemical compounds.

Sensor, Democomp

The democomp sensor is a hand-held computer or computerized gauntlet designed to detect and locate explosives of all types. It grants a bonus to Investigate checks when searching for explosives. Additionally, the democomp sensor’s advanced data on explosives of all types makes it a valuable resource when planting them, granting a +2 equipment bonus on all Explosives checks.

Sensor, Electricomp

The electricomp sensor is a hand-held computer or computerized gauntlet designed to detect and locate electronic devices of all types, including computers. It grants a bonus to Investigate checks when searching for electronics of a specific type. Additionally, the electricomp sensor’s advanced data on electronics of all types makes it a valuable resource when repairing computers and other electronics, granting a bonus on all Engineering or mechanics checks made to repair them. Additionally, the electricomp can be used to identify any flaws incybernetics.

Sensor, Geocomp

The geocomp sensor computer is a hand-held computer or computerized gauntlet designed to find individual minerals. Geocomps can locate a specific mineral, providing a bonus to Investigate checks when attempting to find minerals.

Sensor, Mechanicomp

The mechanicomp sensor is a hand-held computer or computerized gauntlet designed to assist in the evaluation and repairs of mechanical devices. The mechanicomp can identify a vehicle’s, or starship’s current status on the damage track. Additionally, thanks to the mechanicomp’s extensive library of mechanical blueprints, any repairs made using the mechanicomp as a reference are more efficient, granting a bonus to all Engineering or Mechanics checks to repair vehicles and starships.

Sensor, Medicomp

The mechanicomp sensor is a hand-held computer or computerized gauntlet designed to assist in the evaluation and healing of the Human body. The medicomp can identify how seriously a being has been injured. Additionally, thanks to the medicomp’s extensive library of medical records and biological knowledge, any treatments administered using the medicomp as a reference are more efficient, granting a bonus to all Medic checks.

Sensor, Motion

The motion sensor is capable of not only detecting motion but also of plotting it on a display screen in relation to other objects. The motion sensor plots motion relative to its own position, but can sense motion through walls and solid surfaces, indicating the location of any moving object within 30 meters.

Universal Communicator (Unicom)

The unicom is an all-in-one piece of equipment that handles the communication needs of a single person. Each unicom has its own frequency and can send transmissions both directly to another individual unicom as well as to an entire group of unicoms. The unicom also has a data port so that it can be linked to a computer system and receive data as well as audio and visual communications.

Violet Rations

The standard rations of most militaries, violet rations are entire meals that come in pill form. The pill is placed under the tongue and dissolves, releasing not only the flavors of various foods but also the consumer’s daily supply of nutrients and vitamins. Each violet ration is the equivalent of a single meal and is nutritious, filling, and relatively appetizing.